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Live it up!

I was on the most amazing vacation in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands and I came across this board. Across the top it said, “Before I die…” Below, everyone filled in the blank with the one main thing they wanted to accomplish before time runs out.

Tourists and locals alike filled in all kinds of dreams such as “live large” and “make a difference.” Some wrote down a travel destination and other had family goals.

There are a lot of things I want to do before I die. I’m sure you’re probably thinking the same thing. I could say “Hike the Grand Canyon, live on an exotic island, own my own gym, have a family, impact my students and help others who feel lost or lonely.” The way the board was set up, you could only pick one thing. ONE THING!? I want to do EVERYTHING! Booooo!

So, I got to thinking, what is the one thing I want out of life that I have the ability to achieve but I am going to need to work at? What is the one thing I want, that if all my other dreams come true, I would need in my life?

There weren’t any blanks left, or any chalk, so I filled in the blank in my head.

Before I die I will Enjoy today!

I think a lot of us are guilty of thinking things like I’ll be happy or content or life will be perfect when…

I lose 10 lbs, get a new job, go on my dream vacation, meet my soulmate, make lots of money.

I am guilty of a few of those including, when grad school is over, when summer break starts, when the work day is over.

Even on the beautiful island of St. Croix we can all look forward to the future and all of the beautiful things we want. Which is great, you should dream, plan and have goals. It’s just important to remember that right now we are living something we once wished for too.

When I was younger all I ever dreamed of was a tropical island vacation with snorkeling, the bluest water I could imagine and tons of friends and family around. In college, I dreamed of graduating and getting a teaching job. Later, I dreamed of meeting my soulmate and creating meaningful friendships in my new town.

Don’t stop setting goals and imagining what great adventures lie ahead, but don’t forget to enjoy the adventure you are living right now, weather it is a day at work or day at the beach.

Even though I have always wanted my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science I still dread doing grad work. The degree doesn’t come without the hard work. Even though I have always wanted a tropical island vacation, I’ll be honest, I had many moments where I was so sick of how terrible my health habits became, I couldn’t wait to get home and start fresh. It sounds silly, but I guarantee I am not alone by sometimes not appreciating what we wanted so much, for so long, because there is something that could make the experience “perfect.”

Let’s all try to enjoy today. You can’t get it back once it’s tomorrow.

So, now I ask all of you to pick one thing that you want to do before you die and share with me, I’m interested! Don’t compare to others and wonder if it’s good enough, don’t feel selfish or lame for what you pick. Just ask yourself what it is you want, and share!

I am excited to hear everyone’s unique dreams and goals!

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