A Sample Day of Eating

Many of my clients have been asking for a sample day of eating. Here is a day that fits my current macro-nutrient percentages pretty closely. Remember, this exact day may not work for you because, most likely, we are allowed different percentages of Carbs, Fat and Protein because we are different people with many different variables involved.

This post is a great way to see how I space my meals out to keep me full and satisfied throughout my day.

You will see I don’t always eat the most conventional items. For example, this night for dinner I had grilled tomatoes and a protein pancake because I wanted one and it fit the macros!

I eat about 6 times a day, sometimes even more. Eating multiple times throughout the day (within your macro-nutrient ranges) is proven to help promote fat loss.

Monday August 14th: 

My Macro Goals:

Protein: 130  Carbs: 180  Fat 36

What I actually hit: 

Protein: 133  Carbs: 172  Fat: 37


For breakfast,  I mixed whey into my Greek yogurt to help me reach my protein goal. I also had coffee with a splash of skim milk.



For my morning snack I had blueberries and almonds/walnuts.



For lunch I made a sandwich on Pita bread with deli- turkey and Tziki sauce for some flavor. I usually add veggies to my sandwich or possibly hummus (if I have the fat) but on this particular day I did not feel like cutting up veggies for my sandwich (too busy haha).


Pre-workout Snack:

This is a recipe that I will be posting on my nutrition page. If you don’t see it now, look for it soon!


Post-workout Snack:

After my workout, I made a protein shake with vanilla whey, PB2, banana, ice and cinnamon all blended in the blender. Pretty tasty.


Dinner (what’s left of my macros):

Not a traditional dinner as you see. Like many of you, I’m crazy busy. I need to decide: do I want to be a chef or do I want to keep my other hobbies/responsibilities and still meet my fitness/nutrition goals? Tonight as you see, I did not choose to be a chef. Actually every night, I do not choose to be a chef. Dieting/counting macros is hard enough. If you can cook fancy and count macros at the same time, you are my hero. Here is what works for me.

This night I had  a whole grilled tomato (recipe on my nutrition page) with brown rice and a protein pancake with PB2.


Notice the serving sizes I use. It’s not always a whole serving.

I will be posting more sample days to help you out! So check back later for more!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help!


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