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How to crush your goals on the weekend

One of the biggest challenges my nutrition clients report is how hard it is to commit to their goals on the weekend. 

Here are my 5 top tips to crush your goals on the weekend!

  1. Create structure. Lack of structure is a big reason people don’t follow through with fitness and nutrition commitments. The weekend brings down time or a change of pace that we aren’t accustomed to during the work week. Just because the pace has changed doesn’t mean you have to change your eating. Create a plan for what you will eat and when you will eat. This helps tremendously! Going out to eat? See tips 4 and 5 below. 
  2. Make the gym a social event. If you think of going to the gym or exercise as a chore, you won’t likely want to include this on your weekends. Go to the gym with a friend or your significant other. Try a fun workout class. Most times, you can take your first class free! Engage in your favorite type of exercise like biking, hiking, kayaking, walking or running in your favorite spots. Mine is the Riverfront Park trail in downtown Harrisburg, PA!
  3. Look at the menu before heading out to eat. Before you dine out check out what the restaurant has to offer and decide on a healthier option BEFORE you get to the restaurant. By looking ahead you’ll be less likely to order less nutritious options. When you are in the moment, hungry and socializing with friends or family its easy to pick whatever looks good regardless of how it will affect your goals. 

Restaurant meals are often high in fat (most often saturated fat) and carbs and sometimes low in protein given the portion size provided. You can never go wrong with a salad with a protein like chicken, shrimp or salmon. Order your dressing on the side and be conscious of the fat sources on the salad because these can pack on the calories. Salads can often come with cheese, nuts, eggs, fatty dressings and the protein source is cooked in lots of butter or oil as well. I usually ask for the salad with 1 less fat source and get my dressing on the side. 

  1. Eat before you head out to socialize. Have a meal high in protein, fruits and veggies before you head out. This will help keep you full and satisfied and help ward off cravings and emotional eating. You can use your socializing meal more as a light snack instead of a main meal. This will make a world of difference when it comes to reaching your goals. Because instead of leaving your results up to chance, you are taking charge of your future. 
  2. Adjust your mindset. This was the biggest thing that got in my way! Often, people look at the weekend as not only a time to be off work but a time to be off from EVERYTHING including healthy eating and exercise habits. 

Try not not to look at the weekends as a time to ditch your goals. Rather, take on a more balanced approach so you can enjoy yourself in moderation and with intention. 

Here is what you DO get on the weekends:

  • Extra time to spend with family or friends
  • Time to engage in your favorite hobbies
  • Time to catch up on sleep 
  • Time to catch up on stuff around the house.

This is wonderful! These are the gifts of the weekend. This is your break. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t need a break. 

To adjust your focus on the weekend ask yourself this; How do I want to feel come Monday morning?

If you want to make strides in health and fitness, you MUST put in the work on the weekends too. 

If you are struggling to put these into action consistently, you are not alone. These are simple tips to try but simple doesn’t always mean easy. Nutrition Coaching can help!

Follow the link to start your 1-hour complimentary consultation.

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