Good nutrition is VITAL to living your best life, looking and feeling your absolute best. The  benefits of practicing good, consistent nutrition include:

-Fat loss and weight loss

-Help to build and maintain lean muscle mass

– Improved sleep, energy and mood

– Boosting confidence and self- esteem

-Improving sports and fitness performance

-Improving family, social and work life

-Looking and feeling your best

-Reducing the chance of injury and improving recovery

My Approach to Nutrition Coaching

When you work with me as your nutrition coach, I provide a personal consultation to ensure that I align your program with your unique goals, experiences and situations. There are absolutely NO FAD DIETS here! I believe in feeding your body what it needs to feel and function it’s absolute best. You should not feel deprived or starved during this process but instead, feel better than before. There are no “off limit” foods or cutting out food groups like carbs or fat. There is also, no- one size fits all diet approach. I understand that some clients may thrive on one type of program where others may benefit from a very different type of program.

With each nutrition program you will get weekly coaching and check-in sessions, a personalized nutrition program/target goals, an accountability package, nutrition education and other valuable resources to help you achieve your best results.

For some awesome client transformations check out the Success Stories Highlight on my Instagram!

Who can benefit from nutrition coaching?

Absolutely anyone! Here are some examples of common goals that clients have. However, everyone has unique goals and situations and come from all walks of life.  Your goals can certainly be met too.

-Lose weight/fat

-Tone up/build lean muscle mass

-Improve energy and mood

-Be the best version of themselves for their family and loved ones

-Get control over their eating

-Educate themselves on proper eating

-Form a healthy relationship with food and stop the “on again, off again” lifestyle of fad or unrealistic diets

-Prep for a sports, fitness or figure competition

-Look and feel their best for a Wedding, vacation, etc.

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