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“Working with Rita has been life changing to say the least. I’ve worked with many nutrition companies before, companies that just give you macros and tell you what and how much to eat. They worked for a short period of time but didn’t help me with long term success. I would always have success with macros but after a couple of months I would plateau and then I would just gain all the weight back because I gave up. I would obsess over the macro numbers and the number on the scale. This caused me to develop negative views on myself and food. This dieting was so restrictive that if I didn’t hit those macros 100% that day, I would just say screw it and binge eat because of not having a healthy relationship with food as well as being a “all or nothing” thinker about food. Rita has helped me changed that negative thought process. She has taught me to focus on the positives like what I need to give my body and what’s important instead of the negatives like what I shouldn’t eat or what I need to avoid. She has also taught me to listen to my body and appreciate it. I’ve lost pounds and changed my body composition without having to count, weigh or measure anything! I don’t even weigh myself anymore because it’s not important. It used to frustrate me and give me negative thoughts so we used measurements and pictures instead to see my improvements along the way. I’m finally able to listen to my body and give it the healthy food it deserves because of Rita. She is way above these companies because she helps you break through walls, helps you form life long healthy habits and teaches you to have a good relationship with food. She is way more than just a nutrition coach.”

Mel A.