Rita - Fitness-86 (1)I have been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember.  When I hit the 8th grade, fitness had become a key part of my life and I knew I wanted a profession in the health and fitness world. Currently, I am headed into my 7th year as Middle School Health and PE teacher and recently started Rita Giegel Fitness, LLC in August of 2017, so I could share this passion with everyone possible.

My Mission is to empower others through health and fitness to live their fullest most complete life.

At a young age, I started experimenting with exercise and controlling my eating habits. Like most middle school kids, I struggled with fitting in and being “enough.” I used what little and mostly inaccurate information I had about health and fitness to control how I looked, so I could be acceptable, popular, pretty- you get it! I realized very quickly how confident and energized I felt from exercise-  I needed to spread the word! Once I became hooked on this amazing feeling and the wonderful benefits of exercise, it quickly became my passion. I wanted to learn all there was to learn. Unfortunately, even though I had good intentions, my informational sources weren’t the best. I watched infomercials on the new fitness programs and diet fads, listened to advice from my middle school friends and absorbed bits and pieces of information from T.V., movies, peers etc. This led to a life of malnourishment, extreme hunger, restriction, bingeing and poor body image- yikes, so much for my adolescent, master health and fitness plan.

As time went on, I was still very passionate, but knew this restricting/never good enough way of living was far from “healthy.” I knew there was something I was missing. With all the inaccurate information on the internet and my past experiences, I didn’t know what to believe. I knew I needed to educate myself appropriately.

  I earned my undergraduate degree in Health and PE, went on to earn a Masters of Exercise Science, my NASM Personal Training Certificate and many other certifications, so that I could finally understand truth, rather than clever marketing schemes and fad diets that proved to be more damaging than helpful.

Through my education, experience and personal struggles and challenges, I am proud to say I have helped hundreds of people learn this truth through my teaching, coaching and personal training and nutrition clients.

I specialize in body composition, weight loss/ fat loss and healthy living.  However I have worked with many clients with various fitness, nutrition and health goals. I would love to help you stop this back and forth game so many of us have played our entire life of that “on again, off again” approach.

I am here to shed light on real information and techniques and listen to your unique needs, so you can reach your personal health and fitness goals and experience what health should feel and look like.

 Thank you for helping me live my passion by choosing to work with me or by sharing my purpose with others.

With Love,



M.S. Exercise Science, Fitness and Wellness Promotion- California University of PA

NASM- Certified Personal Trainer

B.S. Health and Physical Education- Slippery Rock University of PA

Power Plate Certified

Precision Nutrition Certified