Fitness, just like nutrition, is so important to living your best life and reaching your health and fitness goals. In addition to this, what type of fitness training you do MATTERS. I create programs and work one on one with individuals online and/or in person to ensure that they have a fitness program that meets their goals, needs, schedule and current ability level.

You are a unique person and your program should match this. A program that worked for someone else, might not necessarily work for you.  Also, a program that worked for you at one point in your life, might not be the best program for you now. I want to create the perfect exercise program for you that you LOVE doing and makes you feel better each day and successful on your health and fitness journey. 

What can Fitness do for you?

Improve body composition (burn fat, build muscle)

Increase strength

Increase muscle size (if this is your goal)

Lose weight

Improve heart health

Improve sleep

Improve bone density

Reduce stress

Build confidence

Shape your body

Increase energy

Improve overall quality of life and vitality

and SO much more!

Online and In-person fitness training and programming options are available through Rita Giegel Fitness, LLC.

Who can benefit from in-person Personal Training?

Individuals who are new to exercise

Individuals who want to be pushed to their fullest potential during each exercise session

Individuals who are learning new exercises regardless of fitness level

Those looking to receive immediate feedback, support and assistance during training sessions

Who can benefit from online fitness coaching?

Busy individuals who want to workout on their own schedule

Individuals outside of the general Harrisburg, PA area

Individuals who travel a lot or have an unpredictable schedule

Individuals with a background of participating in fitness programs and/or personal training

Individuals looking to benefit from customized programming without the additional cost of in person personal training

People who don’t mind using their phone or computer to access programming and complete coaching check-ins

People who have a good background on proper form and technique of exercises (exercise demonstrations, proper form ques, modifications and challenges are provided in programming)

For individuals who have had recent injury or surgery, many exercise restrictions or are new to exercising, in-person personal training is HIGHLY recommended. 

My Fitness Coaching/Programming Approach

If you don’t like your workouts, chances are you won’t do them. Or, you won’t do them for very long.  As your coach, my goal is to help you succeed at your goal and LOVE working at it. I will provide weekly coaching sessions (or more) to ensure that your are progressing towards your goals and your current program is working just right for you. 

There are so many free workouts out there, subscriptions to exercise programs that can be purchased and used by the masses and good looking fitness stars promoting their current booty or back workout that is #fire. This program may work great for some, but I can assure you, there is no way that this program can work for anyone who decides to try it. Aside from what specific workouts you are doing, what your overall programming looks like in a week, month and even a year can affect how you reach your goals too.

As your coach I will work closely with you and take all your unique interests and needs into account when creating or choosing the best fitness programming for you.

Pricing and More information

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