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“Don’t wish for it, work for it.” Elaine’s Fitness Journey

Elaine was one of the hardest working people I ever got to work with. From the very beginning she was open to learning and prioritized her health and fitness. Her journey certainly wasn’t all smooth sailing, she had to work really really hard to feel how she does now. However, pretty early on, I was so happy to hear that she was feeling so amazing as a result of her hard work and success. Elaine is a wonderful momma and teaches 6th grade. Trust me, this girl is beyond busy. Despite everything she had and still has going on in her life, she decided it was time to take care of her health and fitness in a new way so that she could be the best version of herself for her daughter, family and the world.

Elaine and I worked together closely on her nutrition, fitness and health for a little over three months. After this, Elaine continued her progress and improving her health, vitality and life. You want to know my favorite part about Elaine’s story? She built the knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful on her own. Of course we still chat and became friends in the process (yay! Love you Elaine!), but Elaine learned how to become her own coach and turn this health journey into a realistic lifestyle rather than a quick fix or a temporary solution. I couldn’t be more proud of this amazing woman. She certainly inspires me and I thought her story would be inspiring to others too. So this blog post is a little tribute to this amazing client and friend. Check out her story, progress and happy life pictures below.

“I started my journey with Rita in September of 2017. I have been an athlete all my life and continued to stay active and workout as a “real adult”. I had the privilege and joy of becoming a mom about 2 years before starting with Rita. I remember looking at pictures from my daughter’s second birthday party and becoming upset, as I clearly hadn’t lost my “baby weight”…..which that time frame was long gone.  What affected me even more, was how I felt at that point. I wasn’t happy with my overall health and so frustrated because I thought I knew all I needed to about working out and nutrition as a former collegiate athlete. I would lose some weight here and there, but in spurts and nothing consistent. Almost immediately after that, I got an email from Rita about the journey she was about to begin as a health and fitness professional which would be launched by a One-Month Challenge. I asked a LOT of questions and had some skepticism, but I knew I was driven by competition. I also knew that I was at a loss as to how to make a change myself, but was ready to do whatever it took to make it happen. Once I told her I was in for the challenge, I was fully committed. She provided so much guidance and information, that I was itching for Day 1 to start. Day 1 of the challenge began, and I haven’t looked back.

It is so hard to put into a brief summary what I have gained and learned in working with Rita. About two weeks into the challenge I heard the quote, “Don’t wish for it, work for it.” It was at that moment that I was already seeing results, but realizing that I was going to have to work for them. I also realized Rita knew what she was talking about and I was learning so much from her about nutrition, types of workouts, and my body that I was hooked. I completed and won the challenge and then worked with Rita for personalized fitness and nutrition for at least 3 more months. It didn’t stop there. By that point, I had seen the physical and mental benefits of following the programs and guidance Rita had given me. The biggest and most important impact though, was that everything I gained and learned with Rita, I could apply in my life. I hear people talk about current diets/significantly cutting out certain food types, and I want to say, that’s not the way. I learned all about macro counting and more importantly the types of food I put in my body. I don’t know the last time I looked at the amount of calories in a food item. I do know that I have changed my view on food and look to it as a fuel source and understand what amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins are best for me. I also still love my red wine, good beer, and nights I don’t have to cook! I learned that if I deprive myself, it’s worse. I live life, but I also take care of the body I’ve been given by fueling it with the quality it needs to be healthy and active.  

I’ve lost 23 pounds since my journey began, so yes I am back to my “pre-baby” weight. However, that pails in comparison to the overall physical and mental gains I’ve made in a year and a half. My confidence, energy, and understanding of myself is the best it’s ever been.  My body is stronger, healthier, and has the lowest body fat percentage I’ve ever had. All while living life and being a full time working mom about to turn 34. Rita knows what she is talking about. Her programming and guidance is researched based, her positive attitude and realness is awesome, and what she provides is so much more than a month quick fix. She provides a life style change or improvement you won’t regret. It takes work and commitment, but the results are worth every bit of it. “Don’t wish for it, work for it.” 

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